North Idaho Linux Users Group




Welcome to NILUG

The North Idaho Linux Users Group was formed to spread the word to uninformed computer users in North Idaho and Eastern Washington about Linux, an Operating System that could replace their slow, buggy, cranky, proprietary operating system, and still allow them to perform all their work.

NILUG welcomes everyone, from complete beginners to experts. Topics discussed can range from the simple and obvious to the complex and arcane. Mostly, we just enjoy talking to others about Linux.

You can become a member just by showing up at a meeting, or by joining our mailing list. We don't ask for dues and we don't release your email address to spammers. Join now - you may learn more than you really want to.

The NILUG General Session is on the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM. The Technical Session is on the fourth Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM. See the Meeting Information page for meeting locations. The meetings usually last about three hours.

The meetings include question and answer sessions, information desemination and working on projects. We hope to see you there.


February 20, 2017 - Linux Resource Books

Shelley Bakon has found a source of free books about learning Linux, and has passed them on to us. They are on the It's F.O.S.S. website. Thanks, Shelley.

January 1, 2017 - General Session Topic

Happy New Year, everyone. Here's hoping that open source continues to gain widespread acceptance and that you all continue to enjoy the benefits.

Zenity enables you to create various types of simple dialogs. Rod Anderson will give a talk on Zenity at the January 14 NILUG General Session. He will show how to use Zenity to create a GUI for shell scripts and will contain a heavy dose of shell scripting.

Mike Burton will also demo simplescreenrecorder for those who are interested.